Burlap Battle: Round One

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Burlap Pillows

A few weeks back Wilson and I found an amazing deal on massive burlap sacks (three for $10!). I had already envisioned the numerous burlap throw pillows and reupholstered ottomans I would make! I realized I haven’t crafted in a while so I thought hey, I don’t need a St. Paddy’s day hangover! Let’s make some throw pillows. Throwing them across the room does not count.

Now I’ve followed a similar pattern to this before, no problems. Burlap is a lot tougher material than most and it frays incessantly! I had to re-sew each seam, zigzag stitch the ends from fraying and hand sew the edges shut. Make sure you are careful with your sewing machine because the material layering is quite think (I broke a few pins too!) There are easier ways to make these pillows, but I am blaming my frustrations on fussy material and a lack of green beer. Despite how wicked these look, this craft has left me frustrated and a little itchy.

Ingredients: burlap, pillow forms, sewing machine, thread, PATIENCE, green beer.



One thought on “Burlap Battle: Round One

    Pain in the Burlap Sack « wilson & lou said:
    August 27, 2014 at 5:19 am

    […] it is…the moment you’ve all been waiting for! A rematch between Lou AND the infamous burlap sack! Well…I’m itchy again and my living room is itchy too. I have been putting off this […]

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